During 2011, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art invited me to transform its Union Works Gallery with a site-specific installation. I work with recycled materials and non-decomposing waste such as mass-produced plastics to create intricately textured sculptures and reliefs. I frequently uses bicycle inner tubes–a material that is as common and abundant as it is environmentally problematic. My work comments on the ubiquitous effects of mass production and uncontained consumerism on our landscapes and expresses concern over the increased loss of ethnic diversity and unique cultures through globalization.

The exhibition title, Ourrubberos, is a slight variation from the term ouroboros, which refers to the ancient symbol depicting a serpent eating its own tail. This sign stands as a reminder for the cyclicality of life as it repeats and constantly reinvents itself. The reincarnation of inner tube rubber as building material for Ourrubberos suggests new possibilities for an object otherwise rendered obsolete by puncture.