inner tube collecting

It always amazes me how many inner tubes are destined for the landfills, even in the eco conscious town of Boulder.  I am discovering that most bike shops I visit (in Boulder there is a bike shop and a grocery store on practically every corner) on the Front Range do not recycle their tubes.  Thus far I have saved approximately 1500 tubes from the landfill.  It saddens me to think of how many tubes are buried underground.  We certainly do live in a throw-away culture which is becoming a global culture as we humans accumulate more useless crap. Hey, I am guilty of it, I just bought new kitchen chairs yesterday.

Working and living in  Mongolia under the auspices of the Peace Corps has been my only  escape from living in a throw away culture, partly because it was in the early 90’s and the Mongolians had no access to throw away consumer products. Nothing was packaged and plastic bags were like gold.

Still on the hunt or race to find tubes before they get thrown into the dumpster, about 7,500 to go!